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Yesterday evening after a long day on a shoot I popped into Monster Truck Gallery with a couple of friends to check out their current quirky exhibition “Paddy Designer, Paddy Architect and Paddy Illustrator walk into a gallery…” As part of The Fringe Festival Monster Truck has invited a motley crew of leading creative’s from outside the world of Fine Art to attempt to solve the puzzle artists struggle with: What is art? Which got me around to thinking: What is fashion?

I was recently chatting to a good mate about art and all it‘s complexities. After confessing that I don’t know a massive amount about art she responded by saying “You know what you like and that’s all that matters”. And I guess it’s the same with fashion really. It’s all a matter of taste. One’s man’s trash is another man’s treasure and all that.

Now, don’t get me wrong-a trained eye knows talent and technique when they see it-it’s like good tailoring. There is no comparison between a beautifully cut designer dress and one from Penny’s. Once you’ve had it good it’s hard to settle for anything less. But for most of us, the budget doesn‘t extend to allow for designer splurges on a regular basis so in this case follow your heart! The old adage that beauty is in the eye of the beholder still stands so “go with your gut” as my Mam would say…

I’ve picked a couple of shots from AW08 catwalks. These pieces are seen by some as art while others think they are simply overpriced, over styled and over rated. I say, go with what you love, things that you’ll have forever, things that tell a story. This way you’ll never go wrong. Buy clothes that make you smile and hey, if you have the dough-make sure that the art you choose makes you smile too…

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