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When I hear the word hamper, I generally think of mince pies, cranberry sauce, those awful sugared almonds and, if you’re lucky a bottle of Whiskey Cidona. Mostly though, they fail to excite and are added to the countless gifts that you could really do without. Or so I thought until I stumbled upon the Topshop hamper.

Yep, the angels at Topshop have come up with the genius idea of a Christmas hamper. You have the option of a bespoke version or for the time-poor among you, opt for the pre-packed one. No one could ever be disappointed with a truckload of TS goodies and if you really don’t like them you can always exchange them in the New Year.

They’ll even wrap them in pretty bows and sparkly things with lots of messy tinsel and all that jazz so it’ll look like you went to serious trouble. If you’d prefer to be at the receiving end, you can make a “wish list” online and send it to you family/friends/boyfriend. It’ll save you from having to act out the “no really, it’s perfect” look when really you wish it would disintegrate before your very eyes.

Christmas is a time for surprises and giving and being in the spirit but we’re also in a recession so there is no need for frivolous spending unless it’s been approved. My wish list is available here-thanks in advance!

Available in St Stephens Green…

Topshop_pagan_campaign_2 Topshop_hamper