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Today I was shooting in the fab Matchabar Tea Emporium in Powerscourt. They have a menu with almost 150 different types of tea from vitamin fruit tea to gun powder to their famous Matcha tea. Now, I’ve been a fan of green tea for donkeys. A hot mug is obligatory in any Irish kitchen and for a long time I abstained from “normal” Irish tea and coffee, so green tea was the next obvious choice. How pleased was I when I started hearing about all the health benefits-a miracle in a cup apparently. Anything that promises to slow the aging process, perfect your skin, help weight loss and fight cancer is a winner as far as I’m concerned.

But it’s not just the health benefits. There’s been a bit of a buzz about tea for a while. I think 5 years ago asking someone “how do you take yours?” meant “milk or sugar?” not “peppermint, camomile, rooibos, white, green, pu erh? (you get the picture).Anyway tea, whatever form it takes is as synonymous with Ireland as John Rocha (whose daughter Simone ironically starred in a recent advertorial for Barry’s tea). Shot by Steve Ryan, he also photographed the band Codes and will soon turn the lens on fashion photographer Andreas Peterson for the series. It seems tea is “back in Vogue”!