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While shoes continue to reach dizzying heights it seems for many it’s just too much to handle. Models across the SS09 runways were seen tumbling from their platforms or at least negotiating their way down while attempting to retain the poise and grace that’s expected of them, a tough feat for most. Even the most seasoned models including Karen Elson were destined to fall though she did look beautiful doing so. But while shoes that are “to-die-for” have suddenly taken literal meaning not all of us want to torture ourselves on a daily basis. Thankfully designers like Rae Jones have quickly caught on to the appeal of flat but fabulous footwear..

According to Jones consumers are very fashion-savvy these days and she began designing shoes in response to that confidence. Her aim; “I want women to have quality shoes that they can wear again and again, with much of their wardrobe-shoes that they really feel a connection to.”

We’ve all felt that connection-the less you can afford them, the more you want them-that connection has been the justification for many a splurge! But Jones collection, which is directional yet wearable includes riding boots (a huge hit) and the cutest little t-bar lace-ups in Mulberry style wine and tobacco colours. Ah go on, they’re an investment, you’ll wear them with everything, you’ll have them for years, they’ll never go out of fashion…the things we tell ourselves!Fallingkaren_elson_2




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