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Siennagalstarprem Celebrities now grace the covers of Vogue and Elle where super-models once did and they are increasingly providing inspriation to designers, stylists, editors and everyone else!! I’ll regularly be featuring a "Steal her Style" piece where I take a stylish celebrity and show you how to recreate her look!

Enter Sienna Miller…

Having recently dumped the lovely Rhys Ifans (note to all: punching above your weight is never a good idea) and starring alongside Kiera Knightly in "The Edge of Love", Sienna Miller is everywhere. She has been credited with the revival of Boho Chic and has also made it acceptable, if not stylish, to wear Ugg boots in public (not sure that this is a positive contribution to the world of fashion). While it is usually her casual, effortless daytime look that gets attention she has recently made the crossover into full-on Hollywood glamour proving that it is possible to do both..

Dress-Warehouse, Shades-ASOS, Bangle-Claires Accessories, Bag-Topshop, Sandals-Alexander McQueen