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Some guys are bum guys, some girls are ring girls. I’m a ring girl. I feel ridiculously and hopelessly naked without stacks of them sitting defiantly on my fingers. I feel vulnerable and “off”, not myself. I’m aware that sounds a tad over dramatic but they’re a source of comfort to me, the way a child night have a blankie! I twiddle them when I’m anxious, I take them on and off when I’m bored, I look at them when I’m lovely, they make me feel at ease! They’re my thing and they’re more than adornment for the sake of it. They’re an extension of me, a part of my style.

As such you can imaging my thrilled expression when PANDORA asked me to design a stack (below) for #myringsmystyle project. I’ve gone a little off piste and moved away from my usual fistful of gold to experiment with some silver, and the rest. I hope you like it!!