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angela_scanlon_lv_icons_jamiesmith-028I’ve been a fan of Louis Vuitton since I knew what a handbag was. When I was old enough to have actual stuff to put in said handbag my love affair with the famous monogrammed bag began. The Keepall was my bag of choice and I’ve carried her with me all around the world and back again. She gets batter with age and looks as good on my arm as she does on the table holding all my most important bits! But that old Keepall has, for the first time in a long time, got some stiff competition. From the Neverfull. Reissued in a range of bright, poppy colours these Epi leather beauties have stolen my stoney, practical heart!

angela_scanlon_lv_icons_jamiesmith-021I tool them on a trip around my favourite London haunts and while it feels like choosing a favourite child, I’ve decided the Citron (above) is top of my list. Teamed with some drool-icious LV icons and pre-fall beauties 



angela_scanlon_lv_icons_jamiesmith-035rsz_angela_scanlon_lv_icons_jamiesmith-036 angela_scanlon_lv_icons_jamiesmith-007



All photos by the charming Jamie McGregor Smith