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People working in fashion always seem to have “just fallen into it”! Was it always your intention to work in the industry?
Not really, I started out in current affairs and got a job editing the fashion business magazine for Ireland which involved more topical news stuff as well as fashion and that ending up being the bridge to fashion writing.

What is your official position at iVenus?

What’s the best perk of the job?
Finding out the styles that are coming out, it’s deeply frivolous but great fun. I do love learning about new beauty products too.

What is the hardest part about your job? 
The hours are long and you have to give 200%

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 
I have never really had any game plan, and I still don’t!

Who is your fashion icon and why?
I actually don’t really have one. I love how Bianca Jagger looked in the 70s, and I am a bit of a closet mod.

Who is your favourite designer and which high street shop do you love? 
I love Minna Parikka, Miu Miu and Stella McCartney does make beautiful clothes.

Tell us about your best bargain buy?
A Prada coat for €150 pounds in the Brown Thomas sale maybe 8 years ago. It was reduced from over €1,000 and has magnets for buttons. Just a classic cut and still in perfect nick.

Which trend will you be adopting for Autumn/Winter 09? 
For winter I will definitely be channelling some 'Breif Encounter' via the French Resistance-style 40s looks, along with a hefty chunk of rock chic (leather jacket, skinny jeans, studded heels) – but not at the same time!

Finally, is it true that “fashion folk” don’t eat! What did you have for breakfast this morning?
I eat, a lot. I don’t know if other fashion folk don’t. It’s a busy business so the only thing that gets in the way is work. I had toast this morning with honey!

Jessie is editor of iVenus, writes for Ireland.com and is also a regular contributor to numerous Irish and international publications.

Jessie Collins