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The latest designer obsession may be born out of necessity or maybe it’s the steady but heightened influence of Coco Chanel since the release of the movie based on her life, but whatever the reason monochrome is back with a bang. 

Let’s face it mono never really went anywhere. It’s a bit like black; every season a new colour is touted as “the new black” but black is black and it’ll never be replaced. Similarly the chic combination of white and black is timeless and offers a constant source of inspiration to designers and consumers alike. 

Mimco is one of my favourite labels for (relatively) affordable accessories and their AW09 campaign is almost entirely monochromatic. Cute campaign…

Mimco AW09 1

Mimco AW09 3

Mimco AW09 2

Mimco AW09 4

Mimco AW09 5

Mimco is available in House of Fraser, Dundrum.