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Adidas_dublin_city_marathon_3 Well, I climbed Croagh Patrick last Saturday (don’t ask) and made it to the top in what I thought was a good time of 1 hour and 10 minutes. Considering I had doubts about my motivation to bother finishing it at all that was very impressive.

Once I had come down from the high of my freshly earned achievement and rewarded myself with a few glasses of Cabernet (to replenish the red blood cells, or should that be white? Anyway). I got into a conversation about running the marathon. Anyone who knows me is aware that it’s on my to-do list for a long time so after my recent accomplishment I thought the time was right. Taking my newfound confidence in my physical ability I signed myself up for the Dublin City Marathon. Not the 10k or the Mini Marathon but the gruelling, no-joke, killer, 26 mile marathon…

I’ve always thought it shows great strength of character to finish a marathon, or maybe its madness-I’ll keep you posted. I know its not something you do on a whim and that I’ll have to sacrifice my regular Thursday cocktails in the South William for a sweaty 5 mile run but I figure, I’ve rarely sacrificed anything so a few months of dedication will do wonders for me.

So today began my training. I ran for one whole hour with only a five-minute interval. My limbs are feeling very delicate and I’m sorry to say I got a terrible shock when I caught sight of myself in the mirror once I returned. I realise that style and marathon training rarely go hand-in-hand. But I will be taking a look around for some cool, sexy, stylish running gear (very important when your face turns beetroot red after 15 minutes of exertion).

And as it’s my first year any advice or encouragement is very welcome. I do promise one thing, I will not rock up to the starting line in a similar, oh-so-classy outfit as the lovely Kate Lawlor of Big Brother "fame" (below) and I really hope nobody else does either!