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She came, she wore, she conquered. Over the past few weeks the worlds fashion capitals-New York, London, Paris and Milan-have been delighted by daily shows (off the runway) from our very own Roisin Murphy. Former Moloko singer, Murphy has cemented herself as a fully fledged international style icon even getting a shout out from the holy grail. She’s been my girl-crush forever but there will now be very few fashionistas who are not familiar with Ms Murphy’s quirky, ballsy style.

I love her everyday gear just as much as her on-stage, theatrical garb, though sometimes it’s pretty hard to tell the difference. Check her out in all her loveliness below and that smug little smile says it all, she knows she’s nailed it. Also, take a peek at a blog dedicated especially to her-all she needs now is a stalker and she’s made!