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I’m a serious fan of Bumble Bumble ‘Surf Spray’. It’s the only texturizing spray that works for me and I’ve tried them all… My hair is pretty fine and I hate it looking too straight or shiny; I prefer it scruffy, a bit undone and lived-in looking. Surf spray does just that (although a bit of dry shampoo never hurts), adding a gritty texture which makes it much easier to style and work with. It’s the ideal product for beachy waves but we’re all a bit tired of them so I’ve been trying to get inspired and to break out of my comfort zone and wear my hair ‘up’, in something other than a ballet bun! It’s easy as anything and out of the way which appeals to the lazy and practical side of me but I sometimes feel like a five year old.

Instead I’m going to try this ridiculously messy version of a topknot or a sort drooping high-pony. Or maybe I’ll give the DIY rope knot a shot or a back combed, under-turned, half up-half down scenario that looks like LA in a hair do. It should never be precise or too practiced looking, let the strays run free and mess it up if it’s looking a bit precious using the texture of your own hair or building it up if you’re locks are too silky. Basically you’re looking for a done in the dark vibe, a modern take on bed-head…


Bumble Bumble “Surf Spray”

Label M “Ressurection Dust”

Batiste “Dry Shampoo-XXL”

Elnett hairspray