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Art and fashion have always been closely linked and the line is getting finer all the time. Tim Walker is possibly the most famous fashion photographer in the world, producing shots with elaborate settings that many consider to be art. Alexander Mc Queen and John Galliano, as well as countless other great designers, produce works of art for their catwalk shows each season. So the combination of the two always makes for interesting viewing.

Enter Kelly Smith; her website shows a selection of illustrations featuring supermodels and designer creations from Stella Mc Cartney, John Galliano, Mulberry, Roberto Cavalli. She’s even done one of the beautiful Marion Coutiard in her Gaultier mermaid gown from the Oscars last year.

It’s been said that, “viewing Smiths collection of work is like stepping into a modern day fairytale, an Alice in Wonderland type fantasy land where Gucci clad girls drink tea and play with kittens”. She’s been featured in Vogue, Vice, Yen Magazine and Fashion Journal and her prints are available on etsy for as little as $24 AUS Dollars.