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Thank God! The Toxic Twins is a cool company founded by two ‘hard working, free spirited, single 30-something friends, who don’t believe in apologising for having a good time.’ I love these girls already and after the few weeks I’ve had I was willing to try anything. You see, I’m still hoping to do the marathon (hope being the operative word since my dodgy knee is playing up) but with a few too many glasses and not enough miles I needed a quick fix to get me back on track..

So I picked up a pack of Dream-On patches the other day. I’d heard about them before and tried them once in Australia (they swear by them). Obviously you’re supposed to use them for a few days running but with a stretched budget and a gang of girls we got two, one for each foot for one night and we were very thankful at that!

I suppose you’d call them Detox stickers. You pop them on your feet before drifting off only to wake up beautiful, refreshed and revitalised. Well every little helps and I will admit after five days of dedicated use (I even managed to remember them at 5am on Saturday morning), I do feel better-a little brighter and sharper and I’d swear my skin looks clearer.

I love the site too-nifty little Detox tips like drinking green tea and “not mixing Sambuca, Red Wine (and Guinness) EVER”! They also have Jeepers Peepers -“under eye hydro gel patches to tighten, brighten and soothe the sensitive under eye area”, as well as Flutter On “luscious lashes for every occasion”.

I’ve decided this year to stagger the buying of my Christmas presents. For someone who runs around on the 24th of December like a headless chicken with a list longer than the queue’s that’s a tall order. But the Silly Season Survival Kit has knocked at least one off my list. Check it out-Detox and Under Eye Patches plus fabulous lashes too-perfect for the party season. Note to self: Party season is actually December, not August. But, the Toxic Twins have assured me that “their product range consists of fixes that allow us to have the fun-no apologies required”! Hear hear…