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Ive always been told never to go food shopping when were hungry. You make impulsive decisions without consideration; you eat that pack of biscuits before you get to the register and then smile sheepishly at the cashier hoping shes done it herself before (who hasnt?) In short, you buy what you want and not what you need. Its a quick fix and while we all need that sometimes its not advisable on a daily basis. While going wild in the supermarket may not break the bank, hitting the shops in the cold can spur you towards making much more expensive mistakes.

This miserable (but fun) bank holiday weekend almost sent me over the edge. What have we done to deserve this? On Saturday morning after a late Friday night I braved the cold and hit the shops. Well, that was my intention but after a coffee and a friendly chat I sat in Fallon & Byrne for longer than is legal and by the time I left it was almost dark. Shivering, miserable and vulnerable, I was on the hunt for a new dress for Saturday night.

I went to all my usual haunts-A Store is Born, The Loft, Harlequin and Circus. But somehow, what started out as a hunt for the perfect dress turned into a hunt for the perfect coat. Before I knew it I had returned with a sheepskin coat which is fabulous but still leaves me with nothing to wear and nothing to eat for the rest of the month since I used my rent to buy said damn (gorgeous) coat. Anyhow, these things happen and when everyone around me is talking miserably about the recession and depression I intend to smile smugly, safe in the knowledge that if I lose my home this coat will be perfect for those cold, Winter nights.

Below, a few lovely, woolly, cosy coats to tempt you out of your frugality and ease my conscience…

Proezenza Schouler AW08, DKNY AW08, Chloe AW08 followed by some picks from the high-street (French Connection, M&S and River Island)