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First Fashion Memory

A day at the zoo when I was about 4-years-old wearing a pair of blue shorts (in hindsight they were more like hotpants), with a Breton stripe top with two anchor motifs on the sleeve, sandals and white socks. I remember being chuffed with myself because my brother, who’s 5 years older than me, was in a matching outfit!

Favourite Designer Label

At the moment in menswear I really love Dolce & Gabbanna. They’ve some of the best military inspired coats and jackets on the market. I adore the detailing in their shirts, tops and blazers too. In womenswear, I’m all about Marc Jacobs and the extravagance and fantastical designs of  Dutch duo Viktor & Rolf.

Best Bargain Buy

My box cut brown leather jacket with side panel zips. I came across it in a market in the Marais, Paris about 7 years ago. It cost me roughly €40 and it fits like a glove (still to this day too!).

Most Expensive Item in your Wardrobe

I tend to shop on the highstreet and try not to spurge too much cash on any one item. Interestingly thought perhaps the most expensive item in my wardrobe is the item I wear the least – a Hugo Boss fitted navy pinstripe suit. These days if I’m buying a suit I’ll buy from somewhere like Zara or Topman, for about a fifth of the price.

Top of your Wish List

I’m torn between a black leather jacket with sharp brass pyramid studs across the lapels by Religion and one of those amazingly subtle military-inpired tailored pea coats by Dolce & Gabbanna!

Most Stylist Moment

Mmmm hard to call. I’m hoping next week will be one of them. I’m hosting a charity fashion show and plan on wearing a recently purchased navy skinny tux suit with black satin lapel detailing for the first time…I’ll let you know how it goes!

Style Icon

I always find this a really hard question to answer as it’s constantly changing for me. Coco Chanel is a classic and then it varies from the likes of Tom Ford to Roisin Murphy.

Favourite High-Street Store

Again this changes frequently. At the moment it’s Topman and All Saints.

Fashion or Style

Style all the way baby!! You could look amazing decked out in clothes from the last century once the styling is right.

Finally, what did you have for Breakfast this morning?

A bowl of crunchie nut cornflakes and lots & lots of coffee…it was a really busy day so I probably should have had porridge!

Darren Kennedy is a fabulous broadcaster and stylist living in Dublin. Find out more about him by clicking on this little underlined word, (he´s done lots, you definitely should) and check out his 2fm Style blog right here!