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Liz_greehy_9 28 year old Elizabeth Greehy’s background and true love is writing. Having worked freelance for various newspapers, both regional and national, Liz went on to write a short novella as a mere project, which was immediately snapped up by Easons and was reviewed favourably throughout the country. Following this she decided to turn her love of writing and her interest in the world of fashion into a dedicated online news platform. www.stylebible.ie was named a top fashion site by The Sunday Independent (Life Magazine) and Womans Way, among others.

Here, Liz reveals all her style secrets and even tells us what she ate for breakfast!…

Stylebiblelogo2 1. First Fashion Memory

I was a bit of a tom-boy as a child and my earliest ‘fashion’ memory is my mother making me twirl around in a pretty little green dress that I had been given that summer – it was a Spanish Flamenco style dress with a million ruffles that all fluffed out when I twirled and made everyone ooh and aah. I hated wearing it.

2. Favourite Designer Label

Although from time to time I do love to make investment buys, I am quite a prudent shopper and prefer to make style statements with whatever catches my fancy and suits my shape as opposed to what label it represents, however if I was to be completely honest, I adore the work of Irish designer Louise Kennedy – her dresses are absolutely stunning as are those of designer Helen Cody. I also like Ted Baker for beautifully cut dresses that really flatter the figure and make you feel sexy. For a less expensive, more accessible label, Pamela Scott is always good for a nice dress.

3. Best Bargain Buy

There are a million of them – I don’t think I could pick one and make it sound exceptional, as they were all fab at the time. Every time I get a bargain it’s like a little personal achievement. I just love the sales. I remember going into Century 21 on a shopping trip in NY once and coming out with an armful of designer label handbags for less than fifty dollars!

4. Most Expensive Item in your Wardrobe

I don’t think I can disclose it – my husband might be reading this!  It’s a dress though….

5. Top of your Wish List

Not that I am a label hound, but at the moment, top of my wish list is a pair of Christian Louboutin Heels – specifically these gorgeous evening shoes that he has in bright red with a ruche detail on the front.

6. Most Stylish Moment

My wedding day

7.  Style Icon

Audrey Hepburn

8. Favourite High-Street Store

River Island

9. Fashion or Style

For me, it has to be style. I really believe that fashion fades but style is eternal. My background is actually in writing and not fashion so although I enjoy writing about the many quirky aspects of fashion and I firmly appreciate each look for what it is, I’m not a slave to fashion and don’t try out every one of them. I do subscribe to some trends, but I still believe firmly that classic timeless cuts and knowing what flatters your figure is much more important than whether you team it with leopard print or faux fur.

10. Finally, what did you have for Breakfast this morning!?

Ha ha – well prepare to be disappointed! I had Porridge! I am so boring. Porridge with some toasted brown bread and a big mug of coffee. No Continental breakfasts in our house I’m afraid.