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A|wear has been much talked about recently what with Laura Whitmore’s Impulse collection and their vast expansion though the UK (great to see an Irish retailer compete with the big guns on the high street)! Yesterday when I was mooching around in there I came across a delicious little clutch bag that screams Marc Jacobs.

While I’m not a huge fan of high street stores making copies of designer pieces, these times call for a little bending of the rules. Last season I regularly visited the heart covered Marc Jacobs bags (below) in BT’s trying to justify such a spend-I couldn’t. So, when I saw this one for 18 quid I had to nab it.

As well as the purple they’ve got it in a beautiful cherry red. Visit A|wear quick or get it quick or buy it online here.

Marc Jacobs Heart Clutch

Awear Heart Bag PurpleAwear Heart Bag Red