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Alex & Ani-AS

I don’t need to tell you that jewellery is a weakness of mine. I love it. Piled high, layered up, mixed up; more is more. So when I was approached to work with Alex and Ani it was a pretty easy decision! The ethos of the company makes me warm and fuzzy. It taps into the side of me that loves ‘The Secret’ and speaks to the zenned out Yogi I know I’ll be someday…

If you haven’t heard of it already, Alex and Ani has just landed in Ireland… offering eco-friendly jewellery that promotes positive energy helping to enlighten the mind and empower the spirit. Sounds like a pretty tall order but anything that acts as a reminder for us to be positive or upbeat is a good thing, right?!

Like dressing for your mood in the morning (onesie anyone!?), you can choose the symbol you’re drawn to and tap into what you need in order to face the day!  Each bracelet has a multicultural energy symbols to help empower the wearer AND they’re all made from recycled materials sourced from local mills and made ‘with love’ in America. There’s even a Claddagh although the OM symbol has not left my wrist for weeks.

Check out their flagship store in Arnotts or go online here… 

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Images by the very talented Sean Jackson x